Am I a caregiver?
Will I always be this exhausted?
Is there help out there?
How am I supposed to pay for this?
What happens when I can’t do this anymore?

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My life isn’t on hold.

Supporting the people we love is part of all of our lives. Each of our situations is so different, but we have a lot in common, too.

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We go way beyond tips and tricks. We’re imagining a different world, based on what care workers are already living.

There are no grand solutions, but there are countless little ways to make our lives better.


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Different situations,
same issues.

This is not a personal issue.

All of us face the responsibility of providing support for the ill, disabled,
and elderly people in our lives.

There’s no one type of caregiver.

Most of us don’t even identify with the term “caregiver,” so how do we find support? Caregiving isn’t an issue that effects one type of person, it’s a part of all of our lives. We need organizations that will give us the support we need in the way we and our loved ones need.

That’s what The Caregiver Space is here for. We’re an independent nonprofit founded and run by caregivers.

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I’m dealing with

Anticipatory Grief

Compassion Fatigue

Siblings who won’t help

Refusing to bathe

Wishing it was over

Finding a nursing home

Leaving work

Going back to work

Feeling abandoned

It’s more than being a good friend.

The healthcare industry has shifted more and more of the responsibilities of keeping people alive and safe onto friends and family — and health aids with little training, support, or pay.

Everyone deserves support.

We don’t care how many hours you put in or how long you’ve been doing it. If supporting someone in your life is on your mind every day, you belong here.

You are welcome here.

Lots of organizations have rules for who can be a part — or ways to make people like us feel unwelcome.

This is a community of people who aspire to be empathetic, generous, understanding, and patient — to the people we support, to each other, and to ourselves.

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Whenever you want to talk, there’s always someone up in one of our Facebook communities.

These private Facebook groups are a safe space for support and encouragement — or getting it off your chest.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Remember there is another human being who is likely experiencing some pain on the other end of the computer. We are here to support each other, not make caregiving harder.

As a community that welcomes all forms of diversity, we encourage a multitude of voices and perspectives.

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